Danielle’s Clubfoot Story

Hi, I’m from the Philippines. Our son Danielle was born on the 15th day of November 2007. He was born healthy except with his feet being clubbed. We weren’t aware that he has that deformity with his feet because it was not detected by the three sets of ultrasound done to me while I’m pregnant…not …

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Kaitlyn’s Clubfoot Story

Hello! My name is Diane and on April 23 2006, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with bilateral clubfoot. Right after she was born, my husband noticed that something was wrong with her feet, and at her initial exam, the doctor told my husband that she definitely has clubfoot. When they brought Kaitlyn back …

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Isaac’s Clubfoot Story

Our baby Isaac who was born in Taiwan July 27, 2005 has clubfeet. Believe it or not, we didn’t experience such a shock or desperate sorrow from his feet situation. From our six times of ultrasound, we didn’t get a tiny piece of news about any kind of deformity. When our baby showed up with …

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Noy’s Clubfoot Story

Noy’s family live in a remote part of Laos. She was treated for clubfoot by CBM partner ‘Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE)’, and now her family is looking forward to the future with optimism. Uncertain future Noy is a four year old girl from Laos. She lives in a very remote area with her …

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Zach’s Clubfoot Story

I am a young mother and I was gifted with a baby boy named Zach. He was born with Bilateral Club Feet. I gave birth on April 18, 2007 and doctor informed us of his condition. I was not amazed with such a condition because I am an educator of children with Special Needs. I never asked God why he made Zach the way he is. I love my child very much and that I will do everything for him.

Evan’s Clubfoot story

My son, Evan, was born in October of 2007. We had found out when I was 17 weeks pregnant that he had bilateral clubbed feet and was unusually small, but otherwise, healthy. I spent the rest of my pregnancy researching clubbed feet, especially this site, and knew the Ponseti Method was the way to go. …

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