Congenital Talipes Equinovarus
Clubfoot Stories

59 yr old needing surgery again after 56 years.

Hi All, I am 58-year-old female and very fortunate but after all these years that my clubfoot has become difficult & painful. The ankle is falling over more, to where I’m afraid I’ll be walking on the ankle bone itself.

Struggling at 49 with pain

I had corrective surgery and staples for bone fusion.  I have noticed as the years go by I’m in much greater pain especially at night when I try to rest. I often get depressed because I don’t know how much

Samaya’s Clubfoot story!

Hi! My name is Samaya and I’m 10 years old. I want to share my story about Clubfoot (Sorry if my grammar is a little off). So I don’t know how many months I was when I got my first

Another person with clubfoot

Hello everyone I’m Bre. I was born in 1999 with clubfoot. I’ve had three surgeries, two on my right foot and one on my left. I was supposed to have more surgeries but my family couldn’t take seeing me go

A 17 year old’s, daily life with club foot

I was born with clubfoot in both of my feet. If it weren’t for my awesome family I wouldn’t even be walking… About until I was 9 yrs old, everything was going awesome. I had 3 surgeries before 9 and

Clubfoot and trying…

Hi, My name is Lisa. I was born 22nd June 1988 with both feet affected by clubfoot as shown in the photo. As soon as I was born I had a lot of operations straightening my legs and feet, one

Still fighting

I was born in 1976 with bilateral club foot, I was able to be “corrected” with casting and braces. And of course remember none of it. My adolescence was normal, I participated in sports and lived a normal life, until

Jessica – Left Club Foot

Hello, I am 28-years-old and I was born with a left club foot. I underwent surgery at 3 months old to allow me to walk. I was able to participate in sports and live pain free until I was seventeen.

Nick’s Club Feet Story

Hey everybody, obviously by the title you can tell my name is Nick. When I was born I also had two club feet. My feet when I were born were completely turned and it was a shocker that I am

Ann Marie’s Clubfoot story

Hi, I wonder if any one could help me, I am 37 years old. I was born with severe congenital talipies feet. I have got it in both feet. As a child I under went 21 operations(on each foot) from

Dustin’s Clubfoot Story

My son Dustin also born with one clubfoot which is worse than two clubfeet because the one foot does not grow at the same rate as the “normal” foot. Dustin whom is now 13 has had 5 surgeries and is