Zach’s Clubfoot Story

I am a young mother and I was gifted with a baby boy named Zach. He was born with  Bilateral Club Feet. I gave birth on April 18, 2007 and doctor informed us of his condition. I was not amazed with such a condition because I am an educator of children with Special Needs. I never asked God why he made Zach the way he is. I love my child very much and that I will do everything for him.

He started the so called ” Ponsetti Casting Method ” when he was 2 weeks old. Every week, we meet his orthopedic surgeon to have his casts changed.

Now that Zach is 9 months old, the therapy still continues. On February 5 he will be
undergoing a tendon surgery. After that, he will be required to wear the Dennis Browne Shoes.

We are hoping for the best. Every time people asks me or say “What a pitiful child!” I often answer them, “You should not pity him because one day he will become a regular child just
like yours.”

There is always a reason for everything. God may not give us a reason now but it’s for you to find out later. For parents with the same situation, do not lose hope. Make your child feel that he is just a regular kid who can some day run, climb a tree or even kick a ball or play judo.

With all my Love: Con-Manila Philippines

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