You Are Not Alone

I am a 51-year-old with one club foot. My sister was born with two. We both had tendon lengthening surgery shortly after birth and went into braces and casts.

Our feet were too deformed so we had surgery by age 6. We had a very good orthopedic surgeon. We were able to walk without limps (unless we walked too far) and could wear “normal shoes”. Neither of us were going to be athletes but didn’t have many limitations.

In my mid-20’s, I started having SI joint/hip problems. I saw chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, had steroid shots and take arthritis pain medicine daily. I learned slowly how to manage the new aches and pains without it impacting my life too much. I have not had to have any more surgeries and can manage pain without strong pain medicine.

As many of you have noted, chiropractic care is a must. No matter what I do, I walk a bit funny and it puts a strain on the side of my body with my “bad” foot. Regular adjustments lessen back and SI joint problems. Physical therapy and Pilates have kept my foot from losing more mobility. I also use ice to help with both back and foot pain regularly.

I would be very careful about more surgery. My sister (with two club feet) had reconstructive surgery in her mid 40’s. One foot is better and one is worse. The surgeries were very hard to recover from. She now has arthritis in both feet pretty bad.

Both of us have felt very alone with our club feet. I am so grateful for all of your stories. They make me realize that others are surviving and thriving with club feet so we will too. God bless.

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