They called me Prancer

I was born in 1968 with clubbed feet. I have seen pictures of myself with a brace between by feet, and know that casts were used when I was an infant to try to correct them. I never had any surgery, and little was done with exercise or corrective stretching. I have not lived with pain, other than an occasional soreness. I am much less flexible than most, and can not touch my toes without considerable stretching over time.

I never realized it affected me until one day during gym as a 7th grader when someone called me Prancer after seeing me run on my toes. I have over the years become a distance runner for exercise, and have completed 4 marathons. I have learned to walk and run normally, and show no signs to the casual observer that anything is wrong.

I have as an adult wanted to experience a full range of motion, and thus far have not been able too. I recently started yoga and I am for the first time doing significant and consistent stretching of my lower body and legs. I wonder if anyone else here has made improvements as an adult that have not included surgery? Has anyone here had adult surgery?

I mostly want to keep, or even improve my range of motion as I age. After reading some other stories here I actually feel fortunate to have had very little real effect on my life from this condition.

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