59 yr old needing surgery again after 56 years.

Hi All,
I am 58-year-old female and very fortunate but after all these years that my clubfoot has become difficult & painful. The ankle is falling over more, to where I’m afraid I’ll be walking on the ankle bone itself.

I am in direr straits, I have seen one orthopedic, says to fuse w/no movement. Now that scared me, no movement at all. How can that be! How do I walk, drive, run, bicycle, etc… Fear came over me, with no returning to him for a follow-up or to discuss more in detail. All I could hear was “KNOW MOVEMENT”!!!!

Then I get a second opinion, from the Orthopedic that I work with, who has a great following & highly recommended. He says yes, we have to fuse, only in the direction, side to side. I think that I am OK with. I do have more questions to ask & Yes, still fearful of the outcome. Any suggestions how I go about this & what questions to ask. And, anyone else had to have a second operation in their adult life?

Secondly, FINANCIAL I am one household income with not so good insurance with a high deductible. Is there any financial assistance with the income I make?

Thank you,

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  1. In the 1970’s I went to a club foot clinic at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan NY on York Ave and 70th Street. I do not know if it still exists but it is a teaching hospital. If your state has a teaching hospital they might have an orthopedic clinic that works with your income and insurance.
    I did have my ankle fused in 1976. I was told I would not be able to run,bike and other physical activities BUT I adapted and do run and ride a bike and anything that I put my mind to.Never say never!!! Only thing I cannot do is wear high heeled shoes, And I am 57 now and that one and only thing never mattered to me.
    I wish you well Margot!

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