Stephen’s Clubfoot Story

My son is Stephen and was born January 27, 1999. We knew he had clubfeet and that he also showed signs of Spina Bifida. Well, we only came out with severe club feet. I say ONLY, because after seeing what all the options are and what can happen I am very thankful for “just his feet”.

I am a little anxious because we are going in for our 3rd surgery on December 28, 2005. I am struggling because in my eyes it was not suppose to be this way. He is 6 and complains almost daily how in the morning he does not want to get out of bed because he hurts. I have asked the Dr. and they are not sure why he hurts. I relate it to Arthritis like feelings. He does get up and we put socks on right away and he shuffles all the way to the kitchen and within a few minutes he gets moving. I am more anxious about this surgery because he is older and he does know more about what is going on. When I start talking to him about the surgery he cries. He does not want to be be cut open. We see the Dr. on the 8th – hoping he might be able to talk a little more with him. You are so right about how hard it is on us parents.

It is great to here that Evan leads a pretty normal “boys” life. Stephen was playing Soccer, but we quit because he hurt too much. We are now looking into Golf & we did Swimming which living here in FL we get to do often. So, with all this said if you have any suggestions or questions please send them. I will keep you posted on how things progress.


Mary Beth

Stephen’s mom

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