SJ 23 and living with pain

I had my last surgery in 2006, 11-12 years ago, I would like to say ever since I have been fine but its not true, I have hypersensitivity on the outside edge of my foot and if I sit in a certain position for a while the bottom of my foot starts to have a pulling sensation. I made the choice at the beginning of May to go back to the doctors after being kicked on the sensitive side and being in agony from that.

Life isn’t easy with Clubfoot during my entire school life I was bullied and targeted for it and the teachers honestly didn’t give a flying F*** which is why I left ASAP to find work. I found work and am currently in my second job, but to my horror I found out some of the male staff taking the p*** behind my back (I only found out after 2 years of working for the company) but instead of letting it get to me I explained why I couldn’t walk properly to those willing to listen!

My advice is don’t let the haters of the world get to you, find your voice and explain to anyone who you trust and anyone who will listen why you cant walk!

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