Samaya’s Clubfoot story!

Hi! My name is Samaya and I’m 10 years old. I want to share my story about Clubfoot (Sorry if my grammar is a little off). So I don’t know how many months I was when I got my first surgery but I was very young. I couldn’t walk until I got the surgery.

I also got another surgery when I was 4. I remember a lot of stuff from when that happened. I stayed in the hospital for a week and then stayed in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. My mama took me to a garden and I wanted to pick some flowers but my mama said no because you weren’t supposed to because it was a public garden. I also remember I said hello to some people there.

I still feel pain from my Clubfoot. When I get up in the morning I feel a lot of pain and in the afternoon I also feel a lot of pain. Probably because I have arthritis. But at least I got my two surgeries. I didn’t try the Ponseti method. I haven’t heard of it until I looked at a video.

Anyways if you read this don’t give up your dreams. I take swimming classes and it’s fun. I can’t play soccer or football or anything that really involves running unless I want my feet to hurt.

Thank you for reading my story if you did.

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  1. Well done Samya, that is an amazing story you sound very brave, dont worry to much about football, there are plenty of active things to do that don’t impact your club foot as you get older, i could never play football long term too because of the pain, yet I can climb mountains, windsurf, run 10 miles, cycle, and many more, so you have lots of opportunity to do some great things. the best thing I have found with club foot, is keep active and dont stop moving.

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