Patrick’s Clubfoot Story

On April 23, 1994 our son Patrick was born ~ 10 weeks early he weighed only 3 pounds and was 15″ long. Patrick stayed in the N.I.C.U. at Children’s Hospital 7 very long weeks.

The list for things to go wrong grew. Patrick’s lung were under developed as are most premees. He had problems with his heart. It took him weeks before he could eat and that was by a tube in his nose. I was too sick to see him, so the nurses brought a picture in. Tubes were everywhere, he was so tiny. But as I looked at the picture my eyes immediately fixated on his feet. I thought, “How strange they look?” I immediately asked what’s wrong with him. He had clubfeet and a possibility for Cerebral Palsy. I was stunned and so was his father it was all to much for us.

Patrick is now 9 years old he has clubfeet (euinovarus). He has had four very big surgeries which included wheelchairs to get around and the orthopedic doctor says there will be more to come. Patrick is also seen by a Neurologist for his Cerebral Palsy (C.P.). Unlike some children with C.P. Patrick can run and play with other children. We as a family know how lucky we are for that! Patrick has had many obstacles in his small life but nothing stops him. He is very brave as are all children with a lot to overcome.

THANK YOU for letting me share my story about Patrick.

Best to all of you and your BRAVE children

Fran W.

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