Never let the club get you down

Hello, My names Sean and I’ve been born with bi-lateral club feet.

I have had four surgeries on each foot which I’m very lucky to be able to say. I struggled for most of my life living in excruciating pain. As a child, I was extremely overweight well into my teens. Martial arts and kickboxing kept me moving just enough to where I can get out of a wheelchair and move about. About five years into my training I was down 130lbs. After about twelve years of intense training, I began receiving swelling in my feet and ankles and numbness without cause. Alas, I had to give it up. To this day I love staying in shape. Keeping fit and strong along with staying off my feet as much as I can has been the best pain relief.

I’m currently 26 years old and work on my feet. As difficult as it is dealing with club feet, keeping healthy and fit has been the biggest thing preventing me from further pain increases. To anyone reading this know you’re not alone. It is possible to enjoy life and move pain-free.

2 thoughts on “Never let the club get you down”

  1. Sean, great to hear your story. Do you wear any kind of orthopaedic footwear or ‘get by’ like most people using ‘normal’ stuff? How affected is your gait ?

  2. Sean,
    My heart aches for the pain you’ve had that I never did. I’m much older, had 14 surfers, 8 on left, 6 on Et. Feet-legs for severe bi-lateral, turned toward my face. To me, it’s normal for swollen ankles because it’s an ankle difference. I’d consult with a clubfoot experienced ortho. See what might be done. It’s good you lost weight which should help. Maybe shoes made from molds from your feet would help. Since you had 4 surgeries, I’d ask if everything needed was done. Good luck to you. I hope you can find some help.

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