Nevaeh’s Clubfoot Story

My daughter, Nevaeh, was born with bilateral clubfoot. When she was born, I didn’t even know what clubfoot was. She was treated using the Ponsetti method. The treatment went so well that she didn’t even need to get the small surgery on her tendon.

I am so thankful to God, and also for the amazing doctors that treated her. She is 6 years old now and no one even knows that she was born with clubfoot. She has lived a perfectly normal life. The only time I even wonder if the clubfoot is affecting her is if we are walking for a long time she will sometimes complain that her feet hurt, but that could just be normal.

I started her in dance classes when she was 3 just to help keep her feet strong. She still dances and loves it! I don’t have any experience with any other treatment options, but judging by my experience, I would recommend the Ponsetti method to everyone!

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