My right foot I was born with a clubfoot!

I was a couple days old when I had my first surgery. Then had one every 6 months total of 19 operations I had. I still get pain in my right foot. My foot is half size shorter than my left. I use to get shoes special order. My dad was determined to get my clubfoot fixed. He passed away at a young age of 47. That’s when I had my final surgery. I am married have 2 grown daughters one is married has two children, the other daughter has a partner no kids.
Had a wonderful doctor that took care of me. I am also in the medical books for I was the first person to have this surgery in Jersey City! And it was successful!

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  1. I was born w/ one club foot my right one. Had numerous surgeries as an infant followed by several casts and braces until the age of 8. The real pain started when I was 50 when my back started giving me trouble. Only to find out I had adult scholiosis my lower back required surgery but the doctors said it wouldn’t do any good until I had an extension put in my left thigh of about 3.5 inches then had my foot rebuilt it was literally falling the bones weren’t holding in place. Then have my hips replaced i had degenerative arthritis and also in my back. All as a result from having a club foot. All my life I thought it was just me having to live with pain like this now I know there are all sorts of us out there going through this. Oh and by the way one doctor toldmeI would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 50 well I’m 60 if you don’t like what your hearing go to someone else.

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