My Left Clubfoot

Hey guys, I’m 33 years old with a left clubfoot. I have had 14 operations from birth to about when I was 14.

I have always had pain in my foot and leg but I lead a normal life doing sports and running etc but now at 33 life is getting to be a struggle with it. With all the pains in my foot, leg, knee I’m also getting pains up my left side of my body (not sure if connected).  I assume it’s because I have one leg bigger than the other so I’m sort of falling on other when walking. I can’t move my toes and have very limited movement in my foot. My ankle and knee swell I suppose due to being on my feet most of the time.

Does anyone know if anything can help or any new surgery? I am currently on pills MST and some other ones. I’m really finding it hard to keep up with myself. I have 3 kids that keep me moving thankfully as if I sit too long my foot/leg goes stiff as it does when I wake in mornings. I also have an active job as I work night shifts so don’t understand how it isn’t getting stronger instead of weaker.

Many thanks, Rob.

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  1. I went to see a podiatrist who made me special insoles for my shoes which reposition the base of my foot and heel etc when walking. So far so good l have gone from almost chronic pain daily to nearly zero. I even go out with my kids to the park and play soccer with them, very lightly of course however it has only been six months and l do get the occasional stiffness and pinching pain, but nowhere near as bad as three years ago when l walked with a limp.
    Also, l have changed jobs where l am working mostly on flat ground now as opposed to working on roofs and scaffolds and ladders and some days spent a lot of time down on my knees which l found exacerbated the problem and still does.
    Good luck my friend.

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