Matthew P’s Club Foot Story

I was born in September of 1987 with severe bilateral clubfoot. When I was born the doctor almost immediately set my feet and put them in cast. As I grew the casts had to be changed out periodically until I was 6 months old. At 6 months I underwent surgery on both feet to correct them. After the surgery I was in casts for a couple more months and when they were finally removed the surgery was deemed a success.

I can say to this day that Dr. Meehan in Atlanta, GA did wonders. I grew up playing football, baseball, basketball, and golf with little issues. I was typically one of the faster and more agile kids growing up and usually had little problems. However, growing up I realized my calves were much smaller than everyone else and I could not jump as high due to the lack of flexibility in my ankles. This was disheartening but didn’t stop me from being active! I went to ankle and foot specialists up until high school for regular check-ups. As I got older I didn’t bounce back as quickly from sports and would usually have lingering pain in my ankles for at least a couple days.

I am now 28 years old and most rigorous athletic outings will leave me extremely sore the next day. This past year I trained for a half marathon only to end up with a stress fracture in my right ankle a week before the race. I found out that the lack of flexibility in my ankles causes more stress on the surrounding joints and bones than it does with a normal foot. To this day certain leg exercises (which I have terrible form on), lots of running, and extra stress on my feet and ankles are hard on me but again, it doesn’t stop me from being extremely active! Being born club foot adds some extra strain but it doesn’t mean you can’t go out there and do what you want. Keep a positive outlook and do the exercises the Dr’s recommend. I recommend having surgery as young as possible if the casts don’t seem to work. Again, I am unbelievably greatly for the work the Dr’s in Atlanta did on my feet 28 year ago and I’m extremely blessed to have lived the life I have.

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