Martin’s Clubfoot Story

I was born in 1964 with a right-club foot when apparently the first work was being done on “correcting” club feet through casting and stretching the foot and having the patient wear a brace. No surgery was involved and my foot was “corrected”. I wore a brace until I was eighteen. I remember my Mom always stretching my foot for me, and I used to have to stretch it a lot too. I played tennis & baseball, but I did have an insecurity which nobody could identify with about my skinny right calf… As a kid I don’t recall any pain in the foot, but it did get tired before my good foot would and I would have to rest it. I didn’t start to wear shorts until I was thirty and always wore pants to hide my little leg.

I learned that a club foot will always want to club, and if you pay attention as you get older you find it does. I am forty-three now and at every opportunity my right foot goes into a relaxed club position and loves it there. Lately I am noticing more pain on the top of my club foot and it must be the ligaments and tendons and bone structure. It makes stretching too painful at times. I can walk without a limp for a short distance, but the longer I walk the more I will limp. Bike riding does help strengthen the foot and the non-impact is what I love! I wear a brace at night again and I wish I never stopped wearing my brace at night, every night all of my life. I remember wondering why they said I could stop wearing the brace at night anymore when I turned eighteen, and they said it was because I had stopped growing. My foot used to feel better in the mornings after I wore my brace at night. Apparently my club foot had not stopped “clubbing” and I really regret the twenty years without the brace. I would recommend to anybody with a club foot to “keep wearing your foot brace” at night. Good luck!

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