Marshall’s Clubfoot Story

My son Marshall was born in 1997 with bi-lateral club foot at Markham Stouffville hospital. Nothing was mentioned when he was born. The doctor left the room and Marshall was bundled up and handed to me. As the last nurse was leaving, I unwrapped his blankets to give him the once over and was absolutely shocked to see his feet. I yelled to the nurse “will these straighten out?” She came over, took a look and said, “oh, they are a little pointed in aren’t they.” I said “a LITTLE!” She said he looks like he may have clubfoot, told us a pediatrician would be in within 24hrs, then left the room. Clubfoot? What the heck is that we thought!

Marshall was checked over finally the next day, sent down to the Orthopaedic clinic with my husband and arrived back a few hours later with casts. We left within 24 hours of his birth with no information and had to return back every week for cast changes. We were referred to Sick Kids hospital after about 8 weeks. The pressure sores on his ankles were quite bad. Dr. Cole at Sick Kids said he was disturbed that Markham Stouffville had continued the casting with such bad sores.. Anyway, he knew immediately that Marshall would need surgery and it was booked asap.

Marshall had the surgery at 3 months of age, was casted again for the next 3 months and was fitted for braces when he was 6 months old. I’m not sure when, but between 8-12 months, Dr. Cole said my son’s treatment was complete and there was no need to return unless something changed. He walked at 1 year, he can run and play a lot of sports, except skating, however he is certainly limited by how long he can play. His calves are under developed and his ankles are very rounded, he almost is walking on his ankles.

Now 10, he is having severe foot pain. We are waiting for an appointment at Sick Kids sometime in the Summer. I’ve tried Berkinstocks, orthothics and nothing seems to help. We can’t seem to find shoes that fit with his orthotics in them. Also, I am starting to worry about the qualifications of these custom orthotic people that seem to be popping up everywhere. The last set I had done for my son were such a disaster and a scam (I believe).

Anyway, he is a great kid, does well in school, has lots of friends and doesn’t seem to be the least bit insecure about his feet. For 8 years, he was basically problem free, just some minor pain occasionally. Only recently are we needing to take some extra care again. Looking forward to our appointment and hopefully some good recommendations to help relieve his pain.


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