My life long battle with a club foot

Hi, I was born with a club foot back in 1969 and had 7 operations to try and correct things before I was 10 years old.

Throughout my school days right the way up until I left in 1985 I was never allowed to do any sports as my ankle was too weak. My right leg is 1.5 sizes smaller in shoes than my left and my leg has half the muscle mass too. The picture clearly shows this. This has hindered me throughout my whole adult life from something as petty as not wanting to sunbathe to much more important things like going to the gym or taking up running.

I8 months ago I decided to try and start running but found it very painful and difficult. The operations have left me with a high inner arch, a terribly deformed foot, no shape to my heel and very limited flexibility in the ankle. Running has been very painful although I have persevered with it and can now run 12km with a few stops.

The scaring down my Achilles tendon is dreadfully painful and full of hard scar tissue lumps that constantly hurt. I’ve tried the normal remedies after a run, RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) that temporarily relieve the pain but not for long. I tried compression bandages and ankle supports and straps but can’t get pain free without painkillers. Does anyone else run and suffer the same? Just after a glimmer of hope – many thanks, Craig

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  1. Craig, thank you for sharing your clubfoot experiences with us. I am constantly looking for cases to study and have for years been trying to compile some data for, especially, male sufferers like yourself. Man seem to just get on with this deformity and very rarely share it with other males. My interest stems from my best mate at secondary school taking the time and actually enjoying sharing his clubfeet with me. I learned a lot and he gained confidence too.

  2. Hey Craig, I suffer from similar severe ankle pain after multiple surgeries. I wear a Spanish boot on my right foot, which gives my ankle some relief. But recently, on the recommendation of friends, I found a new source of relief: CBD Oil, a tincture of industrial hemp that does not contain any active THC. I get it online from a company called CB Distilleries, I don’t work for this company or own any part of it. But this product, taken sublingually (under my tongue) once every morning has eliminated 75-80% of my daily pain suffered whenever I walk or move my right ankle. I had to find the right dosage, and use it regularly, but it has made a huge difference in mediating my pain. Try it out.

  3. Hi Craig, so sorry to hear of your club foot difficulties. I was born in 1952 and had 5 operations up until I was 12. I have all the scars and difficulties you have. I was never a good runner after I was 12. My left foot and leg is also smaller. But I worked for 30 plus years and am now retired. I also endure a lot of pain when walking, sitting, or standing for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time. This is a debilitating disease and gets worse as you get older. Take courage Craig and do what your body will allow you to do. 12km is great! I never got even close 🙂 Continue to persevere and be careful to rest when needed. Sorry I’m not your glimmer of hope but I’m much older and I commend you on your efforts. Take Care.

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