Logan’s Clubfoot Story

My son Logan was born on February. 16th 2007 with one club foot. For the first month no treatment was given to him until finally my family doctor sent us to a Pediatrician. Once we met with the Pediatrician he advised that Logan be sent to the nearest hospital to our home to begin the casting treatment. The casts that were put on only went to under his knee, (unfortunately I was unaware with this being the wrong method), but after 6-8 weeks of casting without barely any change I talked with my family doctor who had sent a referral to The Hospital For Sick Children.

Logan has been receiving treatment at Sick Kids Hospital for a little over a month now, they apply the casts properly every 1-2 weeks and this Thursday Logan will be having his achilles tendon cut. With this minor surgery, he will be sent home with a cast for approx. 3-4 weeks and with the return to the hospital his final cast will be removed and Logan will be given his first pair of ‘Boot and Bar braces’. I am informed that Logan will only need to wear these braces (that will keep his foot turned out) for 3 months all day, (only off for a bath) and after that only at night until he’s about 4-5 years old.

When I first went to Sick Kids Hospital I was under the impression that Logan was going in for a pre-op. However, I was quickly informed that the procedure that was once preformed has been stopped in 2003 (I’m not sure if this is the case only in Ontario, Canada or Globally). At first I was disappointed, I thought the major surgery would have been much quicker and easier, but I was told that is only so for the parents. The procedure is actually very hard on the babies. So that day Logan was sent home with his first proper cast…which basically brought us back to square one.

So a little advice to other parents out there who have babies with clubfeet. If the cast that is put on your baby is under the knee, go somewhere else, that’s not the proper way. Also, if the sugery is offered to you as the ‘best thing for your baby’ PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get a second opinion …even if it sounds easiest to you.

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