Life with clubfoot and the struggle

I am 25 years old, and I was born with bilateral clubfoot. I did not really understand how I was different from others until I got into elementary school. Our family kept it as a secret from me, I guess they didn’t want me to feel I am different. I wasn’t bullied during school which I am so thankful to my wonderful classmates. Some people would ask me why I walk differently or why I have to wear different shoes. I feel self-abased whenever people notice it, so I hate walking in front of people. I met some new friends in the graduate school and they always want me to walk in the correct way. I have talked about the situation with them and one of them is a physical therapist. However, I don’t think they understand I have been trying really hard.

My legs start getting sore and pain after 30 minutes walk, do you guys have any method that can ease the pain or help me walk for a longer time without the pain? The soreness and pain are unbearable, therefore, anytime that an activity require walking or standing I will become so worry…

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