Jimmy’s Clubfoot Story

My name is Chris and my son Jimmy was born on September 25, 2001 with a clubfoot (only his right one). My husband and I have another son (older) with no problems. I found out about Jimmy’s clubfoot when I was about twenty weeks along in my pregnancy. We didn’t however, realize how severe it was until the day that he was born. At birth the sole of his right foot was bent up so that it was completely touching his inside leg (unfortunately no pictures).

TREATMENT: He was casted the next morning, and every week there after for about fourteen weeks. One subcutaneous heel pull was done but resulted in no real change. At nine months we did surgery pins and screws lengthening of ligament and tendons. He now has a very large scar from one side of his ankle to the other side over his Achilles tendon. Jimmy is now almost four and is faring well. His right leg is slightly smaller around the lower calf but it doesn’t slow him down very much! I think he may need surgery again as time goes by but one never knows, he has an appointment in October (2005) with an orthopaedic here in Vermont and we’ll see.

Thank you for your site it helps to know that there are other parents that have been through this.


Chris Emerson

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