Jill’s Clubfoot Story

My daughter was born exactly 25 years ago, in Beirut Lebanon, of Canadian parents working there.. she had severe bilateral clubbed feet….I’m  really writing this for the newer and younger parents who face this dilemma.. such a shock at first, hers were so bad, like glued to inner part of leg…. because of war at the time, I couldn’t get out and have her birthed here which was my original plan.. well, she came, and they casted her at like 1 day old….we finally came back to Canada when she was 3 months old, and she was operated on right foot at 5 months old, and left foot a month later…

She is a marvelous girl.. she played all sports, and because she is extremely flatfooted, a lot of times like after a soccer game her feet would just ache so.. she had special things made into her shoes to counteract the flatfootness.

Now my baby is 25, 3rd year medical student, wants to specialize in orthopedics, and she gets such a grin on her face, when she meets traumatized parents of a child with a club foot, and they ask her.. will my child be normal.. and she just smiles with her huge smile, and says, well, heck, i was born with the worst club feet possible, and here I am.. and they look at this absolutely stunningly beautiful girl, and they just smile back. and they are so happy..

just my story… JILL

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