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I am 28-years-old and I was born with a left club foot. I underwent surgery at 3 months old to allow me to walk. I was able to participate in sports and live pain free until I was seventeen.

Life is a little more difficult now. I’ve developed osteoarthritis that has shut down the two of the three joints in my foot — it’s basically fused. I’ve had two arthroscopies but that didn’t really do anything for the pain.

I’ve tried to live my life believing I can do anything, but I wasn’t careful enough and I fractured my fibula on my right foot indoor rock climbing. I had an MRI done because the pain didn’t go away and they discovered I have arthritis in my right foot as well — probably due to the wear and tear of compensating for the lack of muscle in my left foot.

I’m in constant pain now in both feet and the doctors don’t seem to be able to offer me any solutions. I’m trying to stay optimistic but I feel so down. How do you all cope with the pain and being stopped from doing things you want to do?

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  1. i was lucky to be born with club feet , that’s right both feet. I have been living with pain in both feet since I was a teenager. I am now. 55. I take Advil and it helps with the pain.

  2. Hello,

    I too was born club foot. My left foot has an arch created from a bone in my hip. I too share your pain now that I am in my 40’s. I work on my feet all day and lately the pain seems unbearable. I have heard that Yoga helps so that’s my next step. This will not beat me….I won’t let it and neither should you

  3. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing your story. I too was born with a left club foot, and have been experiencing stiffness and pain which I believe is related to arthritis. This began just a few months ago right before my 30th birthday. That is what led me to your post. I do not personally know anyone with club foot and no one told me really what to expect as I age. I hope that you find some relief from the pain and that you are able to continue to be active. Can you tell me how fast the arthritis progressed? Did you have a severe case of clubfoot? I had two surgeries at around 9 months old.

    Thank you,


  4. Dam you sound like we’re I’m at. legs go numb like they asleep or something build up pressure feeling weird hard to explain

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