I am not alone.

Hi there!
I too was born with congenital clubfoot, bilateral talipes wherein both of my feet where affected as a baby. I was operated on at 3 months and wore casts until I was 3. I also had my Achilles tendon cut. These casts had to be removed and replaced every two weeks to further correct my feet over time after surgery. I did not crawl as a baby but rather hopped around on my ass instead (I was fast is what I’m told!). My Mum had me enrolled in dance classes as a child just after I started walking at an older age – she believed that this would help me stretch and excersise my feet.

As a child I was no different to other kids and could run and play sports, the only difference were my large scars around my feet and pin needle scars across the surface of them. When I left school, I started working as a waitress, walking 8 hours a day around a resturant. It was this contrast between sitting all day for school and then walking for such a prolonged time is whats damaged my feet. I am in constant pain while walking and find it almost impossible to stand initially in the morning.

I wear orthotics in my shoes (my feet are 1 and a half sizes different) and practise physio excersises regularly. Being a 19 year old with an incredible limp is sad for me, it makes me wonder whether I’ll ever walk properly or at all when I am old. I would like to talk more with others about my chronic pain and this disability – finding forums such as these has really helped me see that I’m not all alone.

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