Hi there, I’m Hailey and 13 years old. Most of my life, my Clubfoot has just been there, but it never bothered me because I was a kid. But going into Highschool, people start picking out things about you in order to make fun of you, and it’s always my Clubfoot that is targeted. I don’t know what to do,

It’s hard to to make someone understand about the condition. I find myself feeling very self conscious when wearing shorts and skirts and I have to in the heat of Australia, I hate going swimming with anyone other than my family members. I have a bunch of scars on my left leg from multiple surgeries and it terrifies me when someone asks about them, because not only they think I’m weird, but they’re looking at my foot and going, ‘What’s wrong with her?’ Most people joke that I am a cripple or a circus freak, which is quite harsh if I’m being honest. I just hope that if anyone else who is going through the same thing as me, reads this, and then they come to realise that they are not alone, clubbies should stick together forever.

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  1. Dearest Hailey,
    Like you, I have a left clubfoot. I am now 45, but I know all too well how you feel and what you experience.
    Hailey I had no support growing up. My mum made me cover up all the time. I never wore shorts or anything short.. I was very conscious of my scars and believed everyone saw it and looked at me differently. I still feel that way.
    Hailey please don’t.feel ashamed. Please don’t let it stop you from doing anything.

    I so often see people with scars, abnormalities, etc. that don’t let it get to them. I realized that people feel uncomfortable or notice it, when you are umcomfortable.
    Hold your head up high angel. You can achieve anything. Don’t grow up like I did, feeling ashamed of myself. A friend once said to me that if people stare, I am the only one who thinks or notices I am different.

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