ExoSyms helped me!

Hi all, my name is Nin. I just want to tell you all about my experience with clubfoot. I had issues from birth as all you did. My kneecaps would dislocate all my life up until 25 years old, when I went and got the ExoSym devices.

I have bilateral clubfoot, and they take the pain away. It’s like a prosthetic on the outside of your leg. They take a mold of your leg and make it to fit your foot and ankle and leg. If anyone wants more info, please feel free to message me at dispatch@greghansontrucking.com. I’d love to help everyone out.

I got these devices in Gig Harbor, WA at the Hanger Clinic. I traveled 1600 miles one way to get them and I dont regret any bit of it! I’ve had them for 3 years now, and no kneecaps dislocating, and little to NO pain! I dont take tylenol or any pain relievers anymore. Id love to talk more about them, feel free to email me!


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  1. I am so happy for you that you have found something that can help. We have nothing like this in Ireland, we are so behind in this country it is a joke. It is easer for them to just put you in a wheelchair then try to give you something like what you have to be able to walk.

  2. So happy for you,Nin.Thanks for sharing. I realize that I have been very, very lucky. I had surgery in 1949 at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio for my left, severely clubbed left foot. I had a second surgery in 1952. Other than a very tight achilles tendon with atrophied foot and calf and little ankle flexibility, I have lived a normal life. When I was young, I was even able to play High School sports. I am having some related arthritis issues, now at 70, but I feel blessed.

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