Evan’s Clubfoot story

My son, Evan, was born in October of 2007. We had found out when I was 17 weeks pregnant that he had bilateral clubbed feet and was unusually small, but otherwise, healthy. I spent the rest of my pregnancy researching clubbed feet, especially this site, and knew the Ponseti Method was the way to go. I cried often thinking of having my poor little baby in casts, and wondered how it would affect his development and simple things like nursing him.

When he was born, he was still very small (but full term) and he had deformed ears. Otherwise, he looked pretty normal. We consulted opted out of the consult with the resident Ortho. Surgeon, and contacted the nearest Ponseti approved Dr to come consult with us. After a lengthy discussion about the procedure, we found out that the Dr didn’t carry our insurance, so we couldn’t use him! 🙁 HOWEVER, thanks to sites like this one, I was educated enough to find and meet with a Dr at the Children’s Hospital who wasn’t ‘Ponseti Approved’ but who was very educated on the method. He did a fabulous job, applying the first cast at 6 days old, and five weeks later, the tenotomy.

Evan is now 3 1/2 and has had no relapse to date. It turns out that he does have a rare genetic disorder (missing 42 genes on his 6th chromosome), but his feet are great! He does wear SMO’s, though, to give a little support, but it’s not because of his clubbed feet.

Evan’s feet were pretty severe, and with all of his other (later developing) complications due to his genetic condition, I am SO glad that we got the treatment done PROPERLY and right away after birth. That’s one thing we don’t worry much about anymore!

– Elizabeth

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