Dustin’s Clubfoot Story

My son Dustin also born with one clubfoot which is worse than two clubfeet because the one foot does not grow at the same rate as the “normal” foot. Dustin whom is now 13 has had 5 surgeries and is up for his 6th surgery in 2 weeks. He is very positive and looking forward to his surgery because he is very anxious to join sports in Junior High. His clubfoot is regressing again and we of course are always thinking it will be the last. Only God knows for sure. The procedure being done this upcoming surgery is to cut the fore bones and see if they can straighten the foot again. The bones did not form correctly which is common in clubfoot. He to has no calf muscle and no ankle movement. Shoes are always a challenge at this time because he is now wearing men’s shoes but his clubfoot is wearing kids shoes so that is always fun. His shoes are 4 sizes different!

Dustin is happy and has no limitations. Dustin does get pains in his foot and ankle and some days are worse than others. PhysEd is sometimes hard because he runs and then sometimes starts to limp when his foot starts to hurt but then he won’t say anything because he does not want anyone to know he has a problem. He has a good positive attitude and has no problem showing his foot scars to others.

Debbie in Calif.

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  1. Hello, I will apologise in advance if I do offend/upset but hey I am quite offended!
    I have two club Feet and I don’t think you should say that your son’s one club foot is worse than having two club Feet!! Think of it this way…. How would you like it if I said that my two club Feet are worse than having one club foot! Please be considering of other sufferers and their parents if you want to be taken seriously and treated with respect and empathy. It’s hurtful especially when it’s not you that’s suffering it’s your son and just because you think it’s worse believe me it’s not!! Everyone has a cross to bear but in this particular instance it sounds like it’s your perception on your son’s disability….. Have you asked him how he feels about his difference…..? it sounds like he’s ok with it so please think and edit before posting because it sounds like you are the one being inconvenienced by it. This is not about how you feel but how your boy is feeling.
    I’m sure your intention was pure and did not intend to offend however…..
    Kind regards

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