Does it get better?

Hi everyone. My name is Leanne and I was born with bilateral clubbed feet in 1989.

I had a surgery at six months old. According to my mom the surgeons over corrected my feet. I walk slightly on my ankles and am super flat footed.

I feel like that shouldve been the last and only surgery.

My parents were too poor for the upkeep of my feet. I remember getting casted for orthotics. Wearing leg braces in fifth grade. Id simply grow out of the orthotics and grew out of the leg braces and there would be nothing.

I didnt feel different as a kid. I walked funny and got bullied for it. I was always skating and on the run.

In 8th grade I had a screw put in my right ankle as a corrective measure. If it was a success the left foot would have the same operation. I never got to go back to check if it worked. I got the cast off, was put in a walking boot, and I dont remember going to the dr to get the ok for taking the boot off and wearing shoes. I couldve. I just dont remember.

A year ago I started taking care of my feet again because the pain is so bad I cant walk. I had been walking around with a broken, dislodged screw in my ankle and didnt know it. I thought the removal would answer all my problems. Nope!

I work at a cafe and have to sit too often. I get pinched nerve pains in my feet. I have super sore, achy, stiff ankles with limited range.

I tried a night splint for my achilles tendonitis pain but it ended up giving me pain at the tops of my feet. I told my dr I dont think Im using it right and that I have new pain. He indirectly told me that I was full of shhh. When I stopped using the splint the top foot pain left. Its like custom orthotics and the night splint were suppose to be a miracle cure.

Now I take hydrocodone or pay $295 for medical cannabis that insurance wont cover.
The cannabis makes the pain bareable but i dont want to medicate. I want to be normal without meds and be able to walk for more than 15min without pain.

I feel like it would be cheaper and better to amputate.

Im at a loss as if theres anything to do to correct my feet or get rid of the pain.

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