Dealing with a club foot as an adult

Just over a year ago I was referred to a physio after complaining to my GP about pains in my left foot and noticing a wobble when I walked. The physio started the examination by asking me if I knew I had a slight club foot. At the age of 61 this was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t! It has always been a funny shape but no-one ever mentioned it was a club foot.

Eventually I was referred to a podiatrist to see about an insert in my shoe to try and help with the position of the foot. The podiatrist then asked me if I knew that my left leg was shorter than my right one. Again, this was a surprise as I didn’t and I also have a slight scoliosis of the spine which is probably why one leg is shorter. Since having the insert which has helped me walk better I have noticed that it is getting harder for me to get my slippers and shoes on. My left foot also looks more curved. This could be because the insert is correcting the twist in the foot. Is it possible for the condition to worsen at this stage of life?


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