Danielle’s Clubfoot Story

Hi, I’m from the Philippines. Our son Danielle was born on the 15th day of November 2007. He was born healthy except with his feet being clubbed. We weren’t aware that he has that deformity with his feet because it was not detected by the three sets of ultrasound done to me while I’m pregnant…not until he was born. We were shocked, my husband cried so much even while he was at work..calling me from time to time, checking if our little angel is okay.

While we were in the hospital the doctor told us to immediately send our baby to the orthopedic for an early medication. she also told us that some cases of clubfoot are treated just by a cast, while some needs an operation.

We were afraid to send our Danielle to the orthopedic because we were thinking that he was too young for an operation and also hesitating that it might cost a price which we can’t afford at that time.

Two months had passed when we decided to send him to the orthopedic for the check up. On our first visit the doctor explained to us that Danielle’s feet will be casted for seven consecutive weeks… cast will be replaced weekly then, have a little surgery for the tendon cutting after that, cast will be applied again and lastly, the wearing of brace.

Also during that visit, x-ray on both foot was done then, cast was applied up to the leg on both foot. it was so hard for us to see our Danielle carrying a cast on his feet..he’s uncomfortable, he always kicked his feet and cried the whole night..it was so hard for him and also for us.

On the day after, we were shocked that one of the cast had been worn out of his foot so we immediately send him back to the orthopedic for the replacement….it had been replaced. When we got home, the other cast on his other foot had also been removed. Until now we weren’t able to send our baby to the orthopedic for his treatment.

  • We wanted his feet and especially his life to be normal.
  • We wanted to see him walking, jumping and playing normally like other kids when he grows up.
  • We wanted to treat his feet while he is still a baby so soon he’ll be able to learn how to walk with his new feet…normally.
  • We wanted this things for him but weren’t capable to support the treatment. We can’t afford to buy the braces the doctor said it costs 19 thousand pesos and will be ordered from America.
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