A 17 year old’s, daily life with club foot

I was born with clubfoot in both of my feet. If it weren’t for my awesome family I wouldn’t even be walking… About until I was 9 yrs old, everything was going awesome. I had 3 surgeries before 9 and it was going pretty good. Then the pain started to come in.

My foot wasn’t growing right and nothing we did was helping, we couldn’t afford another surgery at the time so we decided to play the waiting game. 6 years later the pain was still there every time I took a step, it was excruciating… We went in to have it looked at, they said we needed surgery because I pretty much had no ankle joint in my right foot (My bad foot). We got the surgery but now at 17 yrs old, the pain is still there.

I do Football and Basketball and take a lot of pain medicine every day, I need my ankle taped and my cleat spatted before I am allowed to touch the field on game days (As well as wearing an ankle brace on both ankles). I am scared for the future because I want to be a physical therapist, but I know the movement that the job requires. I can walk pretty normally but there is still pain. Not sure what to do. Any tips?

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