Cycling as a treatment for clubfoot

I was born in 1962 with bilateral clubfoot. As with most other stories on here I went through my first few years having surgery and spending a lot of time in braces etc. Into my teenage I had to have shoes built up on one side.

On one of my later visits (I remember it) to the specialist my Dad was told I needed to do something to strengthen my ankles; he suggested ballet or cycling but as I look crap in a tutu I took up cycling and I’m still competing at it now, using it for commuting and travelling around the world as well. I’ve won several national medals and even one at world masters level.

I do suffer some pain after very arduous races but mainly if I have to walk far. I can’t recommend cycling enough; it has the advantage that its non-weight bearing so even someone with a weight issue can do it. You can take it up at any age but I think I benefited most from starting at an early age.

I found this great site whilst checking to see if anyone uses any ankle support for completion but was really saddened by some of the stories. It sounds like I’ve been really, really lucky. Most people wouldn’t know I’ve had any issues, in fact in most cases I’m used as an example of extreme fitness at any age and especially at 55.

If I can help anyone get into cycling please let me know.


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