My Clubfoot Journey, Sports, MMA & Champion Bodybuilder.

Hey everyone, my names Zachary Bordato & I reside in Canada. I’m currently 24 years old and this is my story…

I was born with severe club foot on both legs, each one of my ankles and calves are extremely skinny. Growing up I was very active in sports, I played high school football as a starting Quarter back which lead me to the all star team 3 out of 4 years. I also played point guard on my elementary and high school team ALSO earning All Star status. I never let clubfoot overcome me. I always felt the same as every other kid. However, growing up I did get bullied a lot and I think this made me a great athlete at my age and grade level because I devoted myself to these two sports because having friends wasn’t always my thing. I did have friends in high school but only about 4-5 good ones and 2-3 really close ones which now are still my best friends. I remember being very mad because everyone would make fun of me, look at me funny and even point and stare at my feet. It only fuelled my fire to do better. Which I did.

After high school I went to college and graduated with Health and Fitness. I became a personal trainer and through this career I ended up falling in love with bodybuilding. I have competed in 3 shows. 1st show I placed 5th, second show I placed 2nd and my last show (this past June 10th) I placed 1st. I also train Jujitsu and Boxing and have done a few amateur MMA fights, which I am undefeated too. the power of bullying can really develop someone in a positive manor to where you can do better at life when you channel your anger and frustration towards something positive. I have a long story I’d love to share with you all, a lot of life stuff and personal stuff I’ve gone through. I wanted to come on here and tell you guys its possible. I still have very skinny lower legs but I have managed to put on a lot of muscle through exercise. I do train my legs hard but I try to avoid squats as my form is not the best with the limited flexibility in my ankles and I also want to be able to walk when I’m 40 so I lay back on heavy legs.

If you guys want to ever chat or see what I’ve been up to, add me on Facebook as Zachary Michael. I don’t know many others with clubfoot, only about 1 person who actually played on my basketball team, he had it on one foot. So it would be cool to meet others around the world.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Zachary. I wish my son will find the same strength, hope and success in his life. I wish he could find a sport to love and able to support him through his life and self-care.
    I am myself scared about him to be discriminated and I struggle in speaking about his foot with others. I do not want him to be treated differently. And I do not want people feeling pity for him and for us.
    He is 6, has right clubfoot treated with Ponseti method and relapsed recently… I believe that sport, exercise, physiotherapy is the way. There is not much specialised support where we live (Bristol, UK), so we are doing some swimming and gymnastics, and I hope in future of getting him into climbing or athletics, so that we could get fit together and while taking care of his clubfoot.
    I have searched your contact on FB, without success.I am part of a FB group of UK Charity called Steps Charity Worldwide. It would be great to have your story published on their FB group and on their website.

  2. Hey man cool story, I am a boxer and used to do mma for 6 years and can definitely relate to having to train my calves and Hamstrings about twice a day.

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