My Clubfoot Journal

July 20, 1998
This was a great day for me was the day I was born. I do not remember much, but from what my mother tells me, it was my first surgery. Not even a day old and were performing surgery on me. At first, the doctor in Springfield MO performed a procedure tendon thus Achilles on the back foot, they were able to cut the tendon in his right foot, but unfortunately were not able to reach my left hamstring due to gravity of the clubfoot. It was only to remodel my right foot to make it look a little more human. They did what they could, but unfortunately my left foot will never be as good as my right foot.

August 11, 2015
was the first day of the year today in the Republic. All I could think about was major surgery was going to happen the next day. The words startled me enough, osteotomy of the fibula and the tibia. Basically meant they were going to cut both the tibia and fibula and tibia bring so my ankle was not rubbing more. After school that day my mom, dad, grandma and I headed to St. Louis for surgery the next day. When we arrived at the shelter I got sick. You can not blame me, I was nervous. I have almost no sleep that night. Spinning all night.

August 12, 2015
We have entered the hospital, there was no one in sight except for the receptionist. We went and signed and gave my hospital bracelet style. They called my name and headed upstairs. Once we got up, they began to prepare me for surgery. My mom and dad were in the room when the nurses came for me, that’s when it all hit me. When I arrived at the operating room I saw tons of nurses and doctors. I sort of creeped out a bit. I felt the nurses pushing around my leg and then felt a pinch. I was told that I was the nerve block takes place. After that I do not remember much. When I resumed my conscience was in the recovery room with the nurse. After the nurse left I was in the room for about an hour before we actually woke up and my parents entered the room. Nurses returned and took me to a room upstairs, where I quickly fell to sleep.

The next few days were a combination of sleeping, eating and vomiting. I do not really think about my foot because my stomach was in knots. After extra four days he had to stay I finally got to go out and go home. At this point I felt better, but I was in tons of pain medication. I do not really understand what was the surgery until my mom told me broke two bones and put on a rod and screws.

October 14, 2015
Tomorrow I go to the doctor. The day goes by so slow. I am excited to go see if my bones heal, but I am concerned for the physical therapy. I know it will hurt, but hopefully not extreme. I have a high pain tolerance, but when it comes to my feet that pain always sky rockets.

October 15.2015
went to an appointment today, and that was fine. They told me I could walk, but I have to take small steps at a time because I have not walked in two months. I was able to leave the hospital with the help of crutches. I got home and I was in a lot of pain. I can understand the pain, but did not think it would be that bad. Do not let me use my crutches in school yet, because I will not put enough pressure on it, however, so if something happened then I could hurt myself even more. So I use my wheelchair morning to school and practice using crutches for the weekend. The good news is that my tibia healed completely, so it is a good thing. Back in three months, to talk about my upcoming surgery. Wish me luck!!

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