clubfoot growing up

I have one clubfoot ( right ) when I was young I never wore shorts, dresses or skirts because of how it made me feel and look—not like a normal body. I was teased a lot in school because of how I walked so I became the bully and no one picked on me or said loud comments to me.

When I got to my teens I realised my body was changing. Not only did I have 1 clubfoot and 1 leg bigger than the other, but one side of my body was not the same as the other. I was a very active person always motivated then I started getting sharp pains in my clubfoot. It’s just hard to explain the pain and as funny as it sounds my clubfoot would only play up when I walked too much (like hour or so), was on my feet too long, or it would play up in the cold. I’ve noticed the last couple of years my lower back has been playing up. I have been to the doctor many times about pain and that but I really think my doctor just thinks I’m making it up aahahaha… so she gives me more paracetamol and volatrens and says to me you need to lose weight. I just just think she’s not hearing a word I say.

Now I’m 31 and I’m trying to be as active as I can be.

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