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Clubfoot and trying…

Hi, My name is Lisa. I was born 22nd June 1988 with both feet affected by clubfoot as shown in the photo.

As soon as I was born I had a lot of operations straightening my legs and feet, one foot is still disfigured compared to the other, I have a lot of day to day struggles what other people simply don’t have. Growing up it was very hard not being able to do things everyone else was able to do. Having feet different lengths and different widths makes it very hard to get shoes that fit.

Going through school I had many operations. The way my legs grew meant I was knock-kneed so I had to have staples in my knees for 2 years.  What I thought would make a difference but once removed after a couple of years made no difference at all.

I was bullied at school about the shoes I wore and because I simply couldn’t be involved in so much physical activity as it hurt so much which also meant I was bigger than other people. As time went by I had enough I wanted no more operations so I told my parents I didn’t want anything else to be done so I asked them to discharge me. Big mistake that was.

Now at the age of 27, I have osteoarthritis in both my ankles and knees, each day is a struggle I’m in so much pain. I found the courage to go back and get referred to a consultant. To cut a long story short I had steroid injections in my ankles, but it didn’t make a difference! He tells me there is no more to be done to my ankles other than to fuse them but he says I’m too young for that so he is trying to wait. So I’m basically just on medication till then. Since then my knees have started popping in and out so been referred to see someone for that.

I try not to let my disability get to me, I now have 2 young children and also a part time job, but even that is hard having to sit down for it can’t possibly stand hurts far too much.

How does everyone else manage? Please add your comments.

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  1. Mary Kay Killian

    Hi Lisa, I also was born with club feet in both feet. At age 11 I had both ankles fused. I am 66 now and although I have the normal aches and pains of a 66 year old, and can honestly say that my feet and ankles don’t bother me. I would recommend getting a second opinion on your feet and possible surgery.

  2. Hi Lisa. I had the same problem as you at 28. I was in so much pain that I ended up taking morphine which swapped one problem for another. The ankles if left alone will fuse themselves eventually and if you can do this without getting addicted to meds then I’d say it’s preferable to having a fusion operation as no scarring and more mobility in the ankle.

    1. daniel l. perales

      I say that the pain out weights the ankle. I have ask the doctor to cut off my ankle but the Dr. Would prefer I stay on medication. I do not know what else to do. Walking causes me a lot of pain. To live an entire life in pain does not make sense to me. Give me a prosthetic foot.

      1. Daniel are you on facebook? There is a group for people with clubfoot called “adults/teens with clubfoot” several have had their ankles amputated and they seem very happy with the results.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    My name is Howard I was lucky to have had only 1 club foot and a very good doctor for 1965. I spent my first 5 years in a cast and at 5 had corrected surgery all went well until I hit 45 years. Now at 50 thing’s have slowed down a lot. But after reading your post and others, I think I have been very fortunate. Hope the best for you.

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