Clubfoot Adventures

Hi my name is Jon age 34 (2016) i was born with Club feet, rectified over several operations til the age of 7, one leg is still clubbed, severely skinny with muscle wastage and causes pain discomfort etc, I share a lot of the same experience and concerns as people did on this club, self conscious about skinny legs, pain, worries about future mobility etc.

Its great to share these similar experiences, more importantly and the reason i am contributing to this page is to share what club foot/feet can do for you, i have used it as leverage to do more, as a reason not an excuse, I think the insecurities it presents drive me to do more than I would have done with my life had I had 2 normal legs, I am far from a sports professional, however I believe Club foot in my 20s was a catalyst in my decisions to travel the world, climb the Himalayas, dive the oceans, go on adventures, you could say it was a blessing.

As I have got older it can get more physically agonising, however the more sensible (Low Impact on Knees Legs) exercise I do the better, Cycling Swimming, Windsurfing, Kayaking, the less aches I get, so keeping active is a great cure for the pain.

When travelling India, I seen a few children abandoned on the streets with Club Foot, left because they have club foot, even more so after witnessing this, I realise how lucky I am to have been treated so I could do the things I can still do today, Windsurf, Cycle, Walk with my children.

Exploit the opportunity of your affliction, let it yield you with a stronger broader mindset, so you can do things you may never have done without it, its possible.

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