Clubbed Road

Hiya fella clubbies!

My Name is Zayed Rasul, I was born with bilateral clubfeet, and like the rest of you my childhood was spent in casts and braces. The Ponseti method didn’t work for me and being in a third world country limited the access for proper treatment. I remember phases of my childhood when I used to play, run and jump with my neglected clubfoot. Don’t remember the pain much.

All of my athletics caused some damage especially the right one as it was more inward than the left foot.

Well finally when I was 10 I traveled to India to get my legs sorted out. The ilizarov did wonders. After three months when they took it off the left foot had responded very well but the right one a chance of relapse so the doctors told me to get through with a last correction after I am 18 that’s when the bone stops growing so it won’t relapse…here I am now a month away to get my cast and the sos wire removed.

Hopefully this journey will come to an end and a start of a new one will be enthralling.

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