Club foot when younger. Now 28 and experiencing pain again

I am looking for some advice or some similar stories, so I can try and make sense of what is happening to my body.

I was born with positional club foot, basically my feet were stuck in my mother’s rib cage and ended up distorted to the point my big toe was pointing upwards and touching my leg. I was born in 1991. I had surgery at 6 weeks old and boots with the metal bar across, physiotherapy and a further 2 operations. You would never have guessed I had club feet. I now have a size 3 left foot and a size 5 right foot as I believe the surgeon removed some bone in the left foot.

My left leg is twisted, when I put my knee straight my foot turns inwards.

Approximately 4 months ago I had a lump appear on my Achilles‘ tendon on my right ankle, I suspect an injury of some sort however I’ve not done anything to it but I’ve always had very ‘tight’ Achilles’ tendons. All of a sudden last week I have had extremely bad pain in my left hip and lower back, at first I thought it was sciatica but it is not travelling down my legs at all and it feels weird like an actual joint pain. I Briefly remember my orthopaedic doctor telling me I would have problems later in life but can not remember exactly.
My parents are not very good and they’ve never really explained everything to me and gp’s seem to dismiss my concerns about the pain being somewhat related.

I suppose I’m just looking for anyone that has experienced anything similar and can maybe shed some light on what is eventually going to happen to me? I’m scared that this is it now and I’m forever going to have issues.

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  1. I am 51 and born with right-sided correctional talipes so had several operations as a baby, casting until I was 2yrs old. Special shoes, boots with a bar and a lot of bullying in school as I couldn’t find shoes as my feet were odd. Now I’m a 4-5 on club and 7 on normal. My ankle is fused and over the last 10yrs had 2 Achilles ruptured and 4 partial. I have chronic tendonitis and calcification in the Achilles due to the hospital not treating me for a partial rupture after I fell down an escalator. I’ve had saline injections that haven’t worked so now waiting for an operation to debride the calcification and swelling. The pain in my ankle and lower leg is unbearable, my knee is twisted and the front muscle on right hurts and the calf muscle is withered. I do hope this operation helps as I would seriously consider amputation for a pain-free leg. I am so happy to find a page with other people like me. Is there a facebook page?

  2. Hi, I can relate to your story. I’m 50 & was born with both feet turned in. My knees only face forward if my feet are turned inwards. My Achilles’ tendons are tight. I have never had any calf muscle. My feet are size 2/3.
    I had casts & bars as a baby. Wore boots up until I was five. I then had two operations on each leg/foot. When I was 28 I was told by a podiatrist I should’ve been operated from my hips down. He asked if I had back pain, at the time I didn’t. Now I do!

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