Christine’s Clubfoot Story

Hi. My name is Christine. I am 19 yeas old, born on July 27, 1987, and I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life. When I was born the doctors called a orthopedic specialist to the room because me feet looked odd. He diagnosed me with severe bilateral clubfeet.

I wore casts till my first surgery at six months. Then cast and braces, till my second surgery at 3 years old. After that surgery I had casts on that went up to my upper thighs. The casts only lasted a month because I crawled around on them so much I wore holes in the knees. I had to wear another pair after that for 2 more months. The surgeries went so well that I forgot that I had been born with club feet, I was like any other kid my age.

When I was 13 my left foot started having sharp pains, so my doctor cast it for about 6 weeks. After the cast was taken off I developed tendinitis in my achilles tendon. I then went to physical therapy off and on till I was about 15. I highly recommend it, I wish I had been going to it since I was little.

When I was fifteen I had my third corrective surgery. So that I know have I couple of pins, screws and a plate in each foot. I continue doing physical therapy about 3 months out of every year. While both my feet hurt, you just build up a high pain tolerance and you choose to not let the pain get in the way. And during all this my parents and doctor never told me I couldn’t do something if I really wanted it. All through my life I have danced and swam. In high school I was on the dance team and I lettered in varsity on the diving team. I am now a fine art major at an art school. If anyone with clubfoot, has a child with it, or even knows someone with it: don’t think of it as something negative, think of it as something that can only make you or them stronger.

UPDATE: I had another surgery, a plantar release on my right foot and the plate and screws removed from the surgery before. I will only be in a walking cast for six weeks.

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