Born with severe bilateral talipes

I’m so glad there’s a page on this!

Hi I’m 32 next month and I was born with severe bilateral talipes both feet turn in touching the inside of my ankles.. I had an operation done on them to correct them and was in casts rite up til I was 9months. They thought I’d never walk but I did at 10months. But the last few years I’ve noticed severe pain in my feet either foot it could be in and it comes and goes but now I’ve noticed it’s lasting constantly and it burns and especially in the mornings I can’t even walk properly it hurts that much! I’ve booked to see my doctor but is there anything I could do just to help me through life???

My feet are also like blocks of ice in the night time any one know why???

Any advice or help will be much appreciated

thank you so much xxxx

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  1. I was born with both feet being curved in to where they touched my heals. After 3 surgeries, the last at age 16.
    Anyway, I know this might not be practical for all, but the thing that has allowed me to remain relatively pain free and active til age 60, has been walking and hiking almost daily. Especially up a slight grade. I’ve found that keeping the ligaments stretched out reduced their tendency to constrict. That took a lot of stress off the bones. If I don’t keep the ligaments stretched out, my pain and stiffness ramps right up within a few days.
    Lately, it hurts when I start out, but within a half mile or so, my feet loosen up and before long I’m moving well and without pain.
    Probably not possible for some, but it’s worked for me for my whole adult life.

  2. I’m 60, and was born with severe club feet. Went thru casting and 3 operations. Sounds like I have been luckier than most in that I’ve been able to be active my whole life. But now, the arthritis is kicking in hard and I’m considering having a bone fusion and bone spurs removed.
    I would sure appreciate feedback from anybody who has had bones fused together in their feet to relieve arthritis.

  3. See a physical therapist who does dry needling and scraping. My left foot had severe issue in and surgeries in 1949 and 1952. Over the last 10 years, the calf tightened and I lost flexibility in my ankle. X-rays show calcification in whole foot/bone spurs at ankle.This caused a lot of problems. The therapist was able to improve flexibility of ankle30%. That allowed my calf muscle to relax and start working normally, correcting circulation problems. Good Luck

  4. My story is almost the exact same. At 35, I’m 41 now, I broke my foot and it’s been downhill from there. I have severe pain, I cannot stand for any length of time, and I’m unable to walk any distance. Knowing what I know now, I would highly recommend you swim and go to a pain specialist who is knowledgeable of club feet- they can help recommend all kinds of things outside of narcotics to help (PT, massage, etc.). Also, seriously consider the Exosym braces out of the Hanger Clinic in WA. It’s very expensive, but could help you avoid a lifetime of suffering. I’m going to pursue it myself to avoid multiple surgeries.

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