Born 1955 with club foot

I was born with both feet pointing downward. My Mom told me that the doctor told her that I would be in a wheelchair until 5 or 6 years old and then get surgery. She found out about a revolutionary new treatment and at six days old my feet were put in progressive casts until I was six months old.

I don’t believe I had surgery or the bar type shoes. I walked and ran at the normal times and my feet looked normal.

As a young adult I started having pain in my feet and more difficulty finding shoes to wear. In 1996 or so I developed a bump on my foot the podiatrist did X-rays and advised surgery on both feet as my toes had grown out from my feet and needed to be repositioned. Pins were put in and my toes were over corrected as he said that they would grow outward again, which is what I think they are doing as I am having more pain again and difficulty finding shoes to fit again. I also find it difficult to stand and walk for any period of time as my feet have begun hurting again. It is good to read of others with similar issues.

I am grateful that my mother had my feet in casts so that I could have a normal childhood and life.

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  1. I was born in ’89 with bilateral club feet. I’ve had two surgeries and recently was told I need another one. I am in constant pain. I have a blue knot that appears on the outside of my feet and boy are they excruciating. Hoping someone can give me advice on how to handle the pain. I can’t stand one hour before they swell and start hurting me. And when they get that way I can forget about walking 🙁

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