Bitten by an escaped snake!

I was born with bilateral talipes in 1960. In later life, my mother told me she was convinced she had taken morning sickness tablets containing the drug thalidomide. Which was known to cause birth defects.

I had surgeries at ages four and again major surgery at seven at the RNOH under Mr Hugo Kemp. At school when questioned by my friends as to why I had “crooked” feet I told them I was visiting the zoo and a snake escaped and bit me! Not bad for a five year old!

I have lived a full and relatively normal life. Not winning running races, but excelling at other things. Such a# broadcasting. My chosen career.

However, I am beginning to suffer quite badly now with burning pain within my feet and agonising pain from time to time if I make a sudden lateral movement. Such as exiting from a car. The doctor has given me pain killers but the burning sensation doesn’t seem to respond to them. Is this common with age?

Keith Gooden
Bath, UK

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  1. Hi Keith,
    I am also a 1960’s UK born person with bilateral talipes….
    The burning pain you mention and the sudden sharp severe pain is near enough how my feet are now (I underwent the non surgical straightening treatment in my early years). Like you, up until the last few years I’ve had a relatively pain free time but now, when I overdo things the pain when I stop is intense and even the weight of a duvet when I’m trying to go to sleep is too much. My feet swivel in when I’m tired – I’m told I have hyper mobile feet – but although I’ve seen a couple of medics they haven’t offered anything much to help. I try to manage what I do now to avoid too much pain and wear only good ‘sensible’ shoes.
    My sympathies! I’m putting it down to ageing… guess my feet have just given up. Best Regards, Cheryl

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