Bilateral Talipes Questions (Pain down the outsides of both feet)

Hello everyone.

I’m 22 and was born with Bilateral Talipes.

Just wanted to ask some questions.

Does anyone suffer from pain due to the width of their feet? I think wide feet is quite a common trait in babies/adults with Clubfoot and over the past few years, they’ve really caused me problems. The pain is completely down the outsides of both feet, nowhere else. When I’m standing for long periods it’s unbearable. I’ve tried different types of trainers and I’ve found none that help me.

I saw a specialist a few months ago and he gave me some orthotics to try and realign my feet but they haven’t done anything either. He did mention the possibility of an operation in the future to loosen the tendons and realign my feet that way as I have minimal movement in them. Would that be necessary though…? I feel like the problem is simply the width of my feet, would this operation he mentioned make my feet narrower, if that makes sense?! I haven’t had any operations to-date as it wasn’t needed when I was a baby.

If anyone can help with possible ideas please don’t hesitate to message me! I do have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks with the specialist and I’m sure he’ll find a solution, either way, I’m just worrying. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on.

Many thanks in advance!


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  1. I was born with bilateral clubfoot. I have experienced the same pain you are talking about. Outside of my left foot.

    It got to be unbearable. Then I went to the Merrel Foot lab and this guy Randy Merrel (who started the Merrel Boot company) made me a pair of specialized boots and inserts that have worked so well I haven’t experienced the pain once in the last six months.

    The first pair were a bit pricey ($1000) but the second pair dropped to $500 bucks. I used to replace shoes once a month and these have lasted six months without needing to be replaced.

    Randy’s dad had clubfoot which is why he went into boot making. His son is a specialist who works with children with clubfoot in the south.

    I’d highly recommend that you look him up. Here is the link to his practice:

    1. To my knowledge all have wide, flat feet as a characteristic of club feet. It’s the way they develop. I never had pain from the feet or legs, just from being on them too long. Walking too long. Smoothing calluses can leave tender areas until they thicken again.

  2. I’m now 56, and had numerous operations in the 1960’s.
    As an adult know, I guess I’m lucky as I only suffer pain when it rains or too cold or , for girls night out wearing the wrong shoes. My right foot is a size smaller then my left,both of my feet are narrow. I gave up orth inserts years ago.
    But what I did I found a great Russian shoemaker , who worked with me, making inserts of different fabrics to fill up the shoe and take up space. ALso shoes that are made from more then 2 pieces of leather will hurt. I’m not saying buy 2000$$ shoes, but you should look into one good pair of custome shores

    1. Hello Margot,
      I haven’t had molds and shoes made for over 25 yrs. At that time, each of 3 prs. Cost about $525 U.S., a major investment. The 1st 2 prs. We’re like boxes, the next 2 were improved. I’ve re_soled many times and now, I’ve found a place nearby. My podiatrist retired and his son is excellent but doesn’t make shoes. If they cost $2,000 or more, I will have to consider them.They are better than children’s size 13 1/2!

  3. Hi, Declan! I was also born with bilateral club foot, and while I don’t experience pain the same way you describe, I certainly understand your frustration. I have started in Instagram to document my journey if you’d like to follow along! @belovelykel

    Wish you the best!

    1. Hello Declan,
      Yes, club feet are wide and flat without an arch. I’ve never heard of surgery to narrow them. I’ aware of non-surgical Pnaetti treatment but surgery addresses tendon, bone and leg muscle differences. Fusions stabilize ankles. You would be more comfortable. Recoveries are shorter today than my time, 1940s-1950s. I think you require wider shoes (in childhood, I wore EEE and the D width before having molds of my feet made & shoes made for me, a costly alternative.) You shouldn’t be experiencing pain wearing too narrow shoes. Best of luck.

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