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Hello, my name is Darrell and I just discovered this website, I am glad it is available to read. I was born in 1958(Baby Boomer), with bilateral clubfoot in a small CA town.

The hospital was ill equipped to handle a case like me so I was sent to Children’s hospital Los Angeles. The initial prognosis to my father was that I would never walk. After many initial trial and error surgeries, I did walk. I initially received 15 surgeries, multiple casts,leg braces, and special shoes. I entered public school in the 2nd grade and immediately became a punching bag to all bullies because I walked on my toes and wore special braces.

School was a horrible experience for me and learning was tough so by the time I graduated, I had enough and didn’t go on to college instead entering the workforce. I had additional surgeries to correct my feet and legs when I was able to get work health insurance. I am now 57 years old and I have had 35 corrective surgeries in my lifetime to include a fused left ankle with screws and rods and a replaced left knee that became a problem after the fusion. I have been forced to leave my employer due to osteoarthritis in my feet, legs, knees, and lower back. As a senior data programmer I can no longer sit at a desk and the serious pain medication I take reduces my cognitive abilities. I have applied for SSDI support and long term disability insurance through my employer. I have fought the good fight but I cannot do the work I know how to do anymore. I walk with help from cane for short distances and I am in constant chronic pain.

I have read some of the stories on this site and can’t help but wonder how my life would have been if I was born later when more information was available on corrective techniques. Thank you again for this site to get this off of my chest to people that understand.

Peace and blessings

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  1. I just recently appeared on that TV show The Doctors and the doctor is going to perform the Iliazorov operation. Dr K was my second opinion doctor. I am going to have the operation at the end of October. I am hoping that this operation puts my foot in a functional position so that I can walk better and without pain! I will let you all know! I will reappear on the TV show after the surgery and healing to reveal the results! My video is posted on you tube under “clubfoot nightmare/ the doctors” if you want to see my story.

  2. My name is Kelli and I was born with severe bilateral club foot as well. I am 50 years old. Your experiences are so close to mine its crazy! I too was bullied and made fun of all through school and I too had my foot fused, (in 2015.) My foot was fused 19mm off and it has caused me many other problems, hip, S.I joints, neck, lower back pain etc. They wanted to amputate my foot this year and I just wasn’t ready for that. I am now traveling a great distance from my home to have the fusion broken. I am having an operation performed called the Ilizarov. The operation will take place in October 2016, next month. I recently went on that TV show called “The Doctor’s” and they are going to help me with my operation. My doctor “Dr Kosroabodi” has operated on and fixed adult club foot deformity in the past. I am praying that this operation will put me in a more functional position so that I will be able to walk better with less pain. If you are interested in seeing my story it will air on Television, Thursday September 22nd, this upcoming week. You can find your local listing at;, then at the top of the page you hit local listings and it will prompt you to put in your zip code and from there you will see what station and time the show will be on. I am grateful to the show and to the doctor that has agreed to operate on me. I am however very nervous about this operation. If this surgery is successful I feel that it could help many other adults suffering with the same issues as myself. I will keep in touch with the club to let you all know how the operation went. If all goes well I will be making another appearance on the show to reveal the results. I would love everyone’s prayers.

  3. Hello there. My name is Julie and I’m 52 and was born with a left club foot. Dr put cast on when I was baby and when he cut it off he also cut my leg and foot leaving a scar. I was in a brace that kept my legs separated and that is when I learned to crawl. Had to wear special shoes as well. Surgery at 12-13 years old to try and straighten my foot. I was on the swim team, track n field, drill team. Was teased a lot in school. Often disqualified at swim meets because my foot would turn toward the center instead of pointing out.
    As I get older I’ve started losing balance and falling. 4 years ago had another surgery on my Achilles tendon. Now i had another surgery in July because of torn ligament and bones are slipping apart and now have six screws in my foot and I can’t yet walk. My son is getting married in October and I’m afraid I’ll be on crutches. Have 12 sessions of Physical therapy before the wedding so hope to walk.
    I was off work without pay and had yo pay my own insurance thru work. Then insurance was cut off. So I made phone calls and learned I could get it if I retire since I can’t yet go back to work. 27 years working gives me about the same $$ for retirement. So now I’m retired at 52. But I have insurance again and can continue treatment and do everything I can to get walking again.
    Anyways…the small calf of my leg has always bothered me. My left leg is shorter and smaller than my right. I’m very self conscious about it still and rarely wear dresses or shorts. Can’t wear pretty shoes so that limits what I can wear.
    So it appears we club footers have more in common than I knew. I like this site and so glad I found it.

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