Bilateral Clubbed feet never held me back

I was born in 1963 when the Ponseti method was relatively new. Although Doctors attempted to correct my clubbed feet using the Ponseti method, it didn’t work. I’ve been told it was because my condition was so severe. I had several surgeries including heel cord lengthening, and tibial tendon transfer. I was the first patient at A.I. duPont institute to have the tibial tendon transfer at the age of 5. For the most part it worked.

I played soccer when I was in high school (although I wasn’t very good) and enjoyed snow skiing for many years. I am a self employed cabinet maker, was a volunteer firefighter for 30 years and I”m a licensed pilot.

When I was discharged from the duPont Institute the doctors told me I might have knee and hip problems when I got older. I dislocated my right knee playing baseball when I was 17. I had a total knee replacement on my right knee at 50 years old and I’m almost ready to have my left knee done. I will be 54 in a couple weeks. The biggest problem I have now is severe osteoarthritis and tendonitis in both ankles/feet and a large calcification of my Achilles tendons due to the heel cord lengthening. I have to limit the time I spend on my feet now to reduce the pain that would result if I didn’t.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to do all the things I’ve done and never felt like my clubbed feet held me back and never used them as an excuse. All things considered, I’ve been very lucky and happy.

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