Anthony’s club foot story

Hello my name is Anthony and I would like to tell a little bit of my struggle with clubfoot.

Before I start I want to say how extremely helpful and thankful it is to see other people’s stories and realize you’re not alone sometimes you feel you are alone with this deformity.

I’m 18 and had clubfoot on my right foot which was corrected although it left it’s fair share of problems. I have a smaller right calf and about 2 in a half inch length difference in height from my right leg and my left leg so I’ve always had a really bad limp.

I was always made fun of throughout school especially middle school limpy was a more popular name I was called. Highschool got a lot better I found out about inside shoe lifts and bought high top converse shoes and my limp became practically unnoticeable. Sophomore year I started working out and building confidence it’s taken me such a long way and really helps with the pain of doing regular day to day activities. I’ve built lots of strength in my right calf and other leg muscles it’s been a big transformation from when I first started to now. The doctors all told me that nothing could be done about my calf difference and I’m hell bent on proving them all wrong it just takes A LOT of hard work and training.

For those who have only one clubfoot and smaller calf on one side focus on a lot of single leg workouts and just concentrate on your weak leg look up single leg workouts online or on YouTube you’ll find tons!

I’ve graduated now and I feel like life is just about to really begin for me. I have high hopes of the future and will continue to try and improve myself along the way.

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  1. Hello,

    I feel you, doctors have all told my that my calf muscle will always be weak and small. But is there any chance you could show before and after improvements or your workouts. It all dark for me. Wish there was someone who had done it and could show others!

  2. Don’t look at as Deformity your normal look as it as a upgrade what you do makes people look bad it’s not a disadvantage I’ve done it in all kinds of sports it’s fun to do

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