Another person with clubfoot

Hello everyone I’m Bre. I was born in 1999 with clubfoot. I’ve had three surgeries, two on my right foot and one on my left.

I was supposed to have more surgeries but my family couldn’t take seeing me go through all of that again and again. A part of me wishes that they would have. Here lately I’ve been struggling so terribly bad with pain. I have pain when I stand for not even ten minutes. My feet swell up if I try to actually do anything, my knees ache and my back hurts. Recently my hips have started to bother me and I cant help but think it has something to do with my feet still being crooked.

I feel so fragile especially since all I have to do is step on my foot wrong and sprain my ankle. I can’t get any medicine so I literally have to suffer all of the time. The doctor thinks I’m too small for pain medications.


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  1. Hi Bre, im not sure how the severity is of your Club foot, I am now 35, I have found trying to be as active as possible tends to help, doing low impact weights on machines that help keep your body strong, try your upper, middle, lower body if you can, even swimming.

    When I was less active the pain tends to be worse, I started running last year 5 miles a few times a week, something I would never have dreamed of doing because of club foot, i now find this helps, try and stay as active as you can.

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