Ann Marie’s Clubfoot story

Hi, I wonder if any one could help me, I am 37 years old. I was born with severe congenital talipies feet. I have got it in both feet.

As a child I under went 21 operations(on each foot) from birth to the age of 16. The doctors worked magic for me, as my feet were twisted round my legs twice when I was born. At the age of 22 when I was pregnant with my daughter I developed pre-aclamsia, which as a result my body filled with water as well as other complications resulting in me delivering my baby 6wks premature. (She were born normal). The problem I have now is, since the birth of my baby I have suffered with my feet more so, than when I was a child.

The doctors have carried out a triple fusion on my left foot (which was my worst one at birth). They have tried to do my right foot the same, they have repeated this operation 3 times now without success, they have took bone out of my pelvis to put in my foot twice and last year on the last attempt the operation went wrong, resulting in a screw from the metal work coming out of my skin (2wks) after the cast came off. I was rushed back to operating theatre to have the remaining metal work removed, resulting in an infection in the surrounding bone and skin, and a further 6 weeks in a cast.

I am still in a lot of pain, I have had a c.t scan which has confirmed what i already knew myself, the fusion has not worked again, and now the doctor is sending me for a M.R.I scan to look at my blood pellets saying that, this could be the cause of the fusion not working (bone not healing). I am really worried about this and i am just wondering if anyone has ever heard about this happening to anyone else, or if anyone could give me any information of what it could be or what i could do. thank you Annmarie

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